Apple Distinguished Educator

One of the things that I am most interested in as a teacher is using educational technology to make a difference in the classroom.  I use iPads, Apple TV and my interactive whiteboard nearly every day but for a whole range of purposes.

In February I applied to become an Apple Distinguished Educator.  This global programme accepts applications every two years and the main part of the application is a two minute video sharing your story of how you impact change using Apple Technologies in your setting.

Apple Distinguished Educators are Advocates, Ambassadors, Authors and Advisors, sharing what can be possible in the classroom when Apple Technologies are used effectively.  Being part of the Apple Distinguished Educator community is an honour, they are some of the most innovative and encouraging teachers I have ever come into contact with and collaboration, sharing ideas and working together, is such a big part of the community ethos.  Everyone is just SO helpful and lovely.

I had been working towards applying for around 18 months, collecting evidence of the practice that I was doing anyway – trying to showcase the difference having iPads in school makes.

With some advice and encouragement from ADEs I know from online and real life I submitted my application in February.

The wait to hear back seemed never ending, especially with some false starts of other applicants on twitter saying that we would hear on a certain date (dates that passed without announcements). Until Apple Edu tweeted saying the new class would be announced on 3rd April.

I was delighted when at 5pm on the button, while I was sitting in Tesco carpark on my way home from school I got the email.

FullSizeRender 4


A huge thank you has to go to the ADE alumni who have encouraged me and advised me,  especially Dessie Tennyson and Rachel Smith, to the other ADE applicants who were like a little online support group and to my family and friends who pretty much heard about nothing else for the last four months….

Its difficult to put into words how much this means.  Its an honour for what I do in my class and my school to be recognised.  Its exciting to get to part of the programme and I’m looking forward to meeting others from the class and some alumni at Apple Institute in the summer.

And I know that this is just the start of the adventure!





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