Hong Kong 1.1 – Journeys 

I’m rubbish at waiting for things, I have all the patience in the world for children and people but I really struggle to wait for things. The stretch between finishing exams and getting the results were always a nightmare for me. In someways it seemed like this trip came round very quickly, but in others it seemed like it was taking an age. 

The Northern Irish group met at Belfast City airport to start the long journey to Hong Kong on Saturday afternoon. Crazy to think it would be late Sunday afternoon by the time we arrived. 

I’m writing this on the plane to from Heathrow, I’ll post it when we get wifi. 

Already we’ve all been sharing our journeys in using educational technology and the journeys our schools have been on in developing practice. Sharing ideas, taking about how things work in our schools and passing on tips about how we implement edtech in our settings. There’s been lots of talk about magpieing- troubleshooting problems and getting advice. It’s fantastic to hear about the work that’s happening in other places, St Cecilia’s digital leader programme sounds fantastic! 

I know that the next six days are going to be jam packed, but I’m hoping that there will be lots of time to just chat with each other and share what we do. As well as seeing practice and how things are done, this trip is going to be as much about making connections with other teachers- and not just teachers from overseas.  


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