International Study Visit 2017 -Hong Kong

In December I applied to go on an international study visit to Hong Kong with the British Council and in January I found out that I had been selected as a participant. It’s such an exciting opportunity, not only to visit another country and culture but to get a real insight into life and education there from visiting schools and meeting with international colleagues. 

 I know a few teachers who have been on these visits before and they all speak very highly of the impact it’s had on their teaching. The Hong Kong trip focuses on the strategic implementation of digital technology, other trips running this year looked at cyber bullying in Canada and newcomer children in Berlin. I can’t wait to see how educational technology is used in a variety of different settings in Hong Kong. We are visiting six schools in four days, meeting with the Education Bureau and two edtech companies.  It looks like we are covering lots of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories so it should be a great general overview of edtech there. 

 I’m heading away with five other teachers from Northern Ireland, a mix of primary and post primary, senior management and class teachers, country schools and urban schools.  I’m excited to learn from and share with local colleagues as much as the international ones! When we are there we will be linking in with a group from the British Council in Wales, looking at the same focus. It’s been great chatting to some of them already through twitter. 

I’m hoping to update this blog daily when I’m away, as well as tweeting as much as I can (and I’m sure instagramming a LOT!) Fairly certain I’ll walk around with eyes like saucers trying to drink it all in! If you’d like to stay up to date with what the team get up to you can follow the official hashtag #ISV2017 on twitter.  The unofficial hashtag seems to be #teamHK 

Photo Credits: British Council NI 



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