Most Used Apps- Quiver

Augmented reality is one of those cool things that we’ve seen a big boom in this past year. Unlike virtual reality which transports you to another place (at least in your mind) augmented reality changes the world that you are in by viewing it through your screen. It’s really exciting and motivating but if you want to use it in your classroom it must be for a purpose. A purpose that makes a difference for the learning and teaching, not just because it’s cool be exciting!
In my classroom I use an app called quiver to introduce a little bit of AR to some of my topics. Quiver is app that has a built in selection of colouring pages to print. When you print and colour/design then in real life you then you scan them with the quiver app. Looking at the page through the screen of the iPad your colouring page will come to life.

Our P2s use it when they learn about transport, designing their own cars and planes. Our P1s use  a quiver penguin page when they learn about cold places. There are also seasonal and holiday pages.
The pupils always get very excited when I produce a magic colouring page, you should give it a go!


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