Most Used Apps -Camera

My Most Used Apps : Camera
This is an app that is so used that most people don’t even think of it as an app anymore. It’s just taken for granted. That’s why I wanted to start with it. Not a day goes past in my classroom where the camera isn’t used. It’s so handy you can even access it from the lock screen and the control panel.

For gathering evidence in the classroom nothing beats the camera. Photos, videos, panoramas, all have their place in visually recording the practice of the classroom. Photos of children playing, photos of work, house built of Lego, the first time a child writes their name. Where would be without the camera?
I also love that the camera is inbuilt in a tool that has so much potential for learning. No more connecting leads to rescue photos off a digital camer so you can do something with them. The photos are actually in a device where the possibilities are endless.
With my iPad there really is no excuse for poor photos. I can adjust the light with the slide of a fingertip, I can focus in with a quick tap and with children prone to wiggling I can hold in the shutter button and take a burst of photos. So I know I’m always going to have at least one where their eyes are open and looking at the camera. Time lapse is also a great option. Why not leave it set up during play to see how people move around the room or how Lego gets built? Or you can use it in science to observe change like ice melting or birds visiting a feeder.

My classroom would be a much worse place without the camera app.


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