Most Used Apps – Seesaw

I find it really hard not to talk about seesaw when I’m talking about using iPads to redesign and enhance teaching and learning. It’s the app I use most frequently that’s not inbuilt with the iPad. I love it so much that I’ve been a seesaw ambassador for the past two years.

Seesaw is an a crossplatform way to record children’s learning in digital journals. It is available for both iOS and android and also via the web.

My class of 4-6 year olds upload their own work in class and narrate it. They take great joy in sharing it with the rest of the class and liking and commenting on each other’s work. In this way we teach a little bit about digital citizenship.
It’s more than just a collection of work through. It can record audio and screencasts so children’s learning becomes visible. Seesaw blogs make sharing to a global audience easy and safe. Teachers can set it up so that they always have to approve items before they go live, either in the class feed or blog (if you choose to use it.)
Another beautiful thing about seesaw is the ability to link in parents. Parents can see into their children’s journal in real time. Getting updates on their learning and successes, or reminders of school events via uploads by the teacher. I’m not a parent but my godson goes to a nursery where seesaw is used and I love being able to see him at work or play during nursery.

Linking in parents is an option. My current class don’t have parents linked, which is a school leadership choice. But the option is there. That’s one think that makes seesaw great – teachers are in control of what and how to use it.
I could easy talk about seesaw all day, there’s a wealth of information about it online, including wonderful YouTube videos and online training webinars. There’s even a group on Facebook and a Twitter chat for sharing ideas and getting support in how to use it. My advice though is, if you haven’t tried it yet, download it and give it a go. You’ll be hooked.


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