A relative of a friend and a twitter acquaintance @GemmaRuthBrown wrote a super blog post today On Calling. 

One of the paragraphs that really resonated with me contained a quote from Frederick Beuchner saying that calling is where “your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

I love that quote and it makes me think of this venn diagram, which is in lots of places all over the internet but I found here.

The sweet spot in the middle of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for is your purpose.


I’ve had lots of conversations this week about my job.  I’m a primary school teacher – that’s my profession, I get paid for it and I’m pretty good at it.  But its not just something to pay the bills, for me my job in much more than that.

My current role is working in a nurture group setting with children in P1 and P2. My school and my pupils need that,  they need the extra support to settle to learn, to understand that the world is a safe place, that adults can be trusted and that rules and boundaries are there to keep them safe and are fair and consistent.  There is a need for my role, certainly in my world.  So my job is a professional job but its also a vocational one.

I love what I do.  There are days when it is very hard, especially days when I’m helping very small people manage, work through and regulate very big emotions.  Days when I come home exhausted and ready for a nap, days when I’m covered in tears from children who have literally cried on my shoulders or covered in paint, glitter and glue.  There are days when I am ready to sing my pupils praises from the rooftops, almost take out adverts in the newspapers sharing their successes, days when I come home beaming.

So my job is the perfect mixture of what I love, what I’m good at, what my world needs and what I get paid for.  Being a teacher, for me, is more than a profession or a mission, more than a vocation, its a purpose.  Something I have been given to do.

On the hard days this is what I remind myself of.

On the easy days this is what I stand firm in.

Every day this is what I’m thankful for.





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