Snow safari feedback

I said I’d blog and say how the snow safari went. It went fantastically. 

To date the snow safari has been used, with differing learning outcomes, in my nurture class, two primary one classes, the learning support unit, two primary three classes and a small group literacy support class. 

The lovely thing about the resources is their flexibility. The qr codes link to one minute videos of polar animals, but there is no set way to use them. I intended with my class that we would watch, listen and discuss the videos as a way into our new topic. P3 used them in relation to their winter topic, with animals that live in cold places. 

The learning was definitely there but that is only part of the story, for me an equally important part is how the pupils responded. Firstly they were very excited for a slightly different learning activity, they loved using the QR codes and moving around the school, taking learning out of the classroom. They were motivated to be using iPads and seeing what animal the QR code would lead them to. They enjoyed watching the videos, finding out about the animals and identifying them on their animal spotter sheets. After the activity they were chatting about it when our Ict coordinator came into my classroom and they told her all about it in a very engaged and animated way. They all said they really loved it. 

Some of the other staff in school have also requested to be taught to how use QR codes in their classes and one has specifically requested I make an Easter egg hunt for March. All in all I think it was a success! 


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