#AppShareLive 2

This morning I got to join in with AppShareLive, a fantastic idea from ICT Evangelist, Mark Anderson.    A group of educators with 5 minutes each to share an app that they use in their classrooms or with teachers they work with.

I have watched Mark’s other projects like this (AppSmashLive) with interest, so when I saw that people could offer to present I jumped at the opportunity.  Its just like an online Teachmeet.

I chose to present on Seesaw.  Probably my most used app on a daily basis. I’ve presented on it before at Teachmeet at #NIEDCAMP but I keep finding new ways to use it and new things you can do with it.

I have two special projects in Seesaw at the moment:

Global link up class: where I have invited teachers from around the world to join me in a virtual classroom.  Over 4 weeks our pupils will share about what their schoollife is like so that they can learn about how children their age live in other countries.

Snow Safari: I made videos in iMovie on polar animals, uploaded them to my own seesaw folder, logged in to seesaw via my browser, got a shareable link for each video, made each link into a QR code and made posters to put up round the school.  Pupils will go on a snow safari finding the posters, scanning the codes, watching the videos and identifying the animals on safari spotter sheets.  The children from my class, both our P1 classes and our Learning Support Unit will be using this too so it is learning across our key stage.

My ancient 2008 Macbook, is now officially vintage in the U.S. and obsolete in Europe.  I prefer calling in vintage though, obsolete makes me sad.  I had a fair few technical difficulties during the Google Hangout, but everyone was very patient and my screenshare worked eventually.  For anyone wanting to have a look at it, you can see it here: SeesawAppShare

The appshare was also recorded so you can watch it on ICT Evangelist’s youtube channel here.


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