Snow Safari

My topic for the next while in school is Brrrrr! Cold Places.  The element the children always seem to enjoy most about this topic is learning about the animals that live in Cold Places.

I have animal playsets for the tough spot to go alongside junk material to create a polar landscape, water tray animals with bits of polystyrene to create ice bergs and the light table is the perfect place to build igloos with plastic cups. I have a lovely wooden Polar Playset as well that is always a favourite.  Normally we learn a little bit about different animals from powerpoints/keynotes or from books.

This year I decided to do things a little bit differently.  This post is how I used iMovie, Seesaw and QR codes to create a virtual snow safari for my class.


I searched for images that were free to use on photos for class and pixabay.  I used these to make a set of 1 minute videos in iMovie on Penguins, Seals, Polar Bears, Walruses and Orcas.

I uploaded these to my own Seesaw journal ( I have a folder set up as a student – this allows me to put modelled work, worked examples and teaching content for the children to access independently). In my Seesaw account, logged in as the teacher, I got a shareable link for each of these videos.  I then made QR codes for each of these videos using this website.

I’m going to print these QR codes out on posters (here) and put them around the school ready for my class to go on a Snow Safari! We will walk round the school looking for the QR code posters to scan and watch the videos.  As we find each animal the children can then identify it on this page and circle it.  If they ever want to rewatch an animal video they can do it easily in the class feed view in Seesaw.  Perhaps when they are making their own video about a polar animal or uploading what they’ve found out to their own Seesaw portfolio.


Now the way I’ve done this has a few more steps that it absolutely had to have. It might have been easier to use AR or Youtube or even link my QR codes to my google drive directly but I engineered this way on purpose.

I deliberately chose Seesaw to put the photos on because the children are familiar with it, it works in school and its a totally safe environment.  QR codes are easy to scan and my 4-6 year old pupils can work them well, sometimes with Aurasma they found it hard to get the screen in just the right place to trigger the aura.  Also we had a few filtering issues with Aurasma in school.  The QR codes also make it easier to share with colleagues in other schools – they can copy the lesson by printing out the Snow Safari posters here, if they want to.  The QR codes themselves could always be turned into auras for display boards at a later stage if I really wanted to use AR in this too.

I let you know how it goes once I’ve used it!


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