A Series of Unfortunate Events

I bought a house just over 2 years ago.  I really love it, its pretty much perfect for me, but it seems to be one calamity after another.  Over the last three years, on top getting the house settled into and a run of smaller disasters, I’ve had a series of unfortunate events.

I have had to replace the roof on the extension where the kitchen is, sort out a broken down boiler and then on Boxing Day I came downstairs to a drip in the living room coming from the ceiling above.  It turns out that I had a waterfall coming from my hot water tank.  After an emergency call out from a heating and plumbing and engineer to stop the leaking (and dripping) I’m without heating and hot water for a week while I wait for the holidays to be over.  Its not too bad though because my mum and dad live just a mile away and I have some little electric heaters too.

Sometimes I really hate being a grown up and having to sort out things.  I would rather not phone insurance companies, get quotes from builders, research what exactly is going on with my house and try to understand things like plumbing and building.  I’d also really like someone else to be the one responsible for paying the bills.  But I am a grown up.  This is my responsibility.  I’ve caught myself a few times lately saying “its a good thing I’m resilient.”

It’s true.  It is a good thing that I am resilient. If I wasn’t my house could well have fallen down round me by now.  In my series of unfortunate events I have had to pick myself up every time, work out what my plan of action is and just keep going.  My faith is one of the things that gives me strength in times like this, I know its all going to be ok and that I don’t need to panic.  Even though that’s particularly hard because I’m a real panicker.

Its got me thinking about my class though.  They need to be resilient.  When things go wrong in my life I usually, google the problem, read up on it, phone experts, get advice, get it sorted.  I didn’t know anything about roofing before I had a major leak in my roof.  I didn’t know anything about heating systems and boilers until my boiler broke down and it had to be sorted.  I did have the skills needed to find out more though and the strength and resilience to not fall apart at the seams, even it seemed that my house was.

No one teaches you how to be a grown up.  When I’ve been thinking about what we teach in schools and how that prepares children for adult life. I have decided that there are two vital skills that we can’t afford our children to miss out on.

The skill of finding out what we need to know. There is no way we can teach them all the knowledge they will need but we can teach them how to find out what they need to know, and how to be discerning in choosing what to believe in a sea of facts and opinions.

Resilience.  No one is going to sort out my problems for me. Yes I have a great family and friends supporting me and journeying with me but they aren’t going to do everything for me.  I need to have the strength to battle through the tough times.  I can’t just give up.  Neither can the children I teach.

No one teaches you how to be an adult but if you have the skills to find out what you need to know and that strength and resilience to see things through then you’ll be ok.




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