Augmented reality in Foundation Stage -Quiver

Last week was the end of Term One. A busy term, with lots going on. The last week of term was no different, whole school trip to the cinema, school Christmas concerts and visit from Santa to name a few things! 
It’s a time to do nice things with the class, things that are a bit different and a bit fun as a little bit of the pressure is off and the children respond really well to special activities. It’s not throwing out the learning it’s about putting the learning into something different to make Christmas in school a bit special for the pupils. 

My last post was about using AR to make and elf hunt around the school. Another thing that I used was the app Quiver. I printed off some of the Christmas themed colouring pages and used them as one of the play activities this week. The pupils loved it, I ended up having to send blank pages home with a note for parents about how to get and use the app because the pupils wanted to show their parents. 

We all had a bit of fun with Quiver. The pupils really loved it and we’re so engaged. I’m looking forward to see how else I can use AR in the classroom after Christmas, but quiver was an excellent introduction to it for my pupils! 



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