One of my many hats in school is as a member of the ICT team. I am most people’s go to person when the computer disconnects from the laptop, when the sound doesn’t work or if they can’t print to the photocopier. I’m also the person who looks after the iPads. To the point that I’ve dubbed myself iPad coordinator, which the principal is happy with because it is exactly what I do in school. I coordinate the iPads.

I have to admit now, I like technology but I particularly like Apple technology. I have an ancient macbook, a slightly less ancient iPhone 4s and an iPad 2 that I share with my sister (which lives in her house). I think it makes sense once you get to grips with one type of operating system you stick with it. I have bought into Apple. I like Apple because it’s straightforward to use and easy once you make the transition from PC to Mac. I use a school laptop in work so it’s not Apple, but I’m definitely not as fast on it as I am on my MacBook.

I’ve blogged before about how I love a wee course. I enjoy learning and I like researching and finding out about new initiatives and new ways of doing things in school.

A lot of the time I use Twitter to find out how other people do things in their classrooms. I’ve built up a wee personal learning network that inspires and encourages me to try new things. Another thing I never pass up the chance to go to is a course. Today I went to a course on Coding and Programming in the Classroom run by iTeach. I’ve been to one other iTeach course, one for ICT coordinators on using iPads. We’ve had iTeach into school quite a bit to do training and help with special iPad weeks. I also follow a few of the iTeach people we’ve had in on Twitter. The training, advice and support from iTeach is really good, but this blog isn’t an advert for them. Honestly.

Today at the course Patrick from iTeach called me a fangirl. At first I thought this wasn’t a very nice label to end up with but actually I think it’s quite a good thing.

If I’m a fangirl that means I’m up to date – I’m keeping in touch with current things happening in educational technology, I’m at least on the curve of where I need to be and where my school needs to be.

If I’m a fangirl I’m clued in – I know the terminology, I know what people are talking about and I can join in the conversations around my subject and add to what’s going on.

If I’m a fangirl – I’m in the club. I’ve got links with other fangirls and fanboys and we can support, encourage and inspire each other. We can keep each other current and clued in.

So I’m taking fangirl. I’m saying that it’s a positive thing. I’m quite happy to be a fangirl when it comes to making a difference to teaching and learning through iPads and other edtech. I’ll take advice and training on that whenever it’s going. It sort of echoes Rachel Jones claiming teacher geek as a positive term.

So yeah Patrick,

Fangirl and proud!



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