Adventure is out there!

I did the colour run today. To be honest it was more of a colour dander. But I did it! It was one of my goals for the summer and I’m so glad I did.
Even though taking part is a little outside of my usual Sunday afternoon routine.

You might say it’s a little bit out of character. Apparently though my character is to be a little bit out of character. To be surprising and random and full of adventure.

My friends Chris and Sharon have known me since I was 18. Over the past thirteen years I’ve made them both laugh by being surprising. In fact Chris said once that he should know better by now to be surprised by things I do. Sharon followed that up by saying that I with me they should expect the unexpected, being surprised should be the norm.

It was just a friendly chat over dinner and peppermint tea in their kitchen but it’s stuck with me.

A few weeks ago I round at their house and had been playing frozen with their girls. I still had my hair in two Anna plaits when Chris came in. I commented that my hair was part of the game and he said “Pamela I didn’t say anything because that could just have easily been your hairstyle for today.” I love that when they see me, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility. I try and remember stories of things I do to tell them, like the time I abseiled down the Europa, or snorkelled with sharks. They themselves are creative, brave, adventurous people and they allow me to be the same.

When I was on holiday in July in Florida my sister kept commenting on how adventurous I was. She was surprised. I think she is used to the sensible older sister head doing dynamic risk assessments and thinking through plans and back up plans.

I like being adventurous. I like trying new things, seeing new places. I have a bucket list that’s never ending, with different aims set every year. Last year it was to meet Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. This year it was to eat lobster, to swim with tropical fish and do the colour run. I also have a list of things I’ve done, like go on safari in Africa, hand-feed giraffes, ride a gondala in Venice and go jet skiing. Its a list that’s growing ever longer too. When I’m an old lady I want people who look at it to say “she had a good life” and be surprised by the experiences that I’ve had.

Adventure is out there!

This is the kind of attitude I want for my pupils. To believe that they can give things a try, no matter how big or scary or out of their league they seem at first. I want them to be limitless in their desire for life, for learning, for experiences. I want them to be confident enough to risk standing out from the crowd or to risk failing. I don’t want them to say “I can’t.” I know they are just P1s and P2s at the minute but I already see it creeping in.

I can’t do that.

That’s too hard for me.

I’m not good enough.

My desire for them is to be adventurous. To be brave and try new things; if they work brilliant, if they don’t-at least they tried. They can try again and again and again. Or try something else. But I don’t want them to give up.

Adventure is out there.




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