Count Me In!

Sir Ken Robinson talks about us finding our tribe. “What connects a tribe is the common commitment to the thing they feel born to do.” Finding your tribe is key to finding your element; that place where what you are good at and what you love come together. It’s that spot where you know that you are doing what you are meant to do.

I really believe that my element is working with children – teaching, growing, educating them.

At the minute that is shaped as me being Nurture teacher to a class of six Foundation Stage pupils with SEBD.

Finding your Tribe is finding the people who spur you on. Who enthuse and energise you. Who make you want to be better than you are and help you get there.

Sir Ken says that “Finding your tribe can have a transformative effect on your sense of identity and purpose” because of three dynamics: validation, inspiration and the alchemy of synergy.

On the 12th June I found my tribe.

A bunch of educators who weren’t happy to let the opportunities for CPD over the summer slip away quietly into the night with the cancellation of RTU Summer School.

A group of innovators who said let’s do this ourselves.

A group of energy makers who created such a buzz that 300 teachers, turned up to go to #NIEdCamp yesterday to hear presentations that would further their practice and skillsets to make a difference to the classes they teach.

After the first meeting with this bunch I came home buzzing. I was so excited about the potential for what we were planning, about getting to know these inspirational people and collaborate with them and learn from them. I had caught a spark. The only way I could explain it was that I’d met a bunch of teachers who made me more excited about teaching and made me want to be better at it.

Sir Ken is much more eloquent. That sense where you are listening to someone talking and inside you are saying “YES! Me too!” he calls that validation. You are not alone if you connect with others who share your passion.

The second dynamic he talks about is inspiration. The other teachers that I met inspire me, they give me ideas, they help me see things differently. They may not think that they are doing anything ground-breaking or earth shattering when they talk about their practice, or how they do things but they are innovators. It’s just that for them its become the ordinary.

I feel enthused coming away from a meeting/good email/google hangout with this bunch. We all bounce off each other; ideas spiral and grow and pick up momentum. Its like conduction of the mind – you know in Science at school when you studied heat transfer and in conduction the molecules all bounce off each other and heat is transferred. That’s the synergy of energy. Working together ideas bounce around and energy and enthusiasm are transferred.

Yesterday was #NIEdCamp and it went so well. Everyone felt a little bit of that Tribe connection, being part of a group of passionate educators doing what they were made to do.

One of the hashtags for our One Day to make a Difference was #areyouwithus

Are you with us? I SO AM.

I definitely am. Whatever this bunch are doing next – count me in.

I’m first on the list.


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