Back to School

Its almost time. Back to school displays are being stocked and restocked in the supermarkets as parents and students of all ages buy in all their supplies for the new academic year. I hustle past it, not allowing myself to look at new diaries, pens and binders until at least next week. All the time thinking to myself, “Where did the time go?”

In Northern Ireland it didn’t really feel like we had much of a summer. I realised last week that I’ve had my winter duvet on my bed and I’ve needed it for these so called summer months. I’ve had the heating on a good bit too, especially on evenings when its so wet and windy you’re convinced its the start of October. I certainly feel like time has slipped away from me and what stretched out in front of me in June; seven weeks of summer – time to do everything and more, has all but passed with very little to show for it!

Next week is NIEDcamp and I’m really looking forward to it to get my teacher juices flowing again. I’m hoping to meet some new everyday innovative educators who inspire me to better practice, to get some new ideas for my classroom and school as a whole and to be enthused about the upcoming year.

This is my third year in my role as Nurture Teacher. This is the year that I am hopefully going to be putting our school forward for the Boxall Quality Mark Award. I know as well that I will have a visit from the Inspectorate at some stage in the first term. There’s lots of staffing changes happening in school this year too – the most pressing of which is a new principal, as ours is leaving in October. I don’t want to go back into work worrying about all these things. I don’t want my time to be consumed with to-do lists, paperwork and memos.

I want to go back inspired and to inspire others.

I want to go back enthused and to enthuse.

I want to go back excited about the new possibilities that this year holds. Opportunities to grow and learn and stretch for myself, my practice and my pupils.

I want to say on the 23rd August, as I get that Sunday Night Feeling for the first time in seven weeks, “BRING IT ON!”


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