I love twitter. I’m definitely one of the twitterati.  If I go to an event and you tell me there’s a hashtag for it, you can bet i will use it.  Last week on twitter I noticed a few people tweeting about #niedcamp and I didn’t know what it was, so i did a bit of digging, which mostly meant asking a friend who had tweeted about it what the score was.

RTU summer school was cancelled this year, the announcement was made on the website on the day that most people would’ve been logging on to book themselves in for their chosen courses.  Honestly spaces in some of those courses were like golddust.

So when I heard that niedcamp was teachers running their own professional development courses for teachers I was really excited and knew that I wanted to help out, in whatever way I could.  I love learning and I knew this would be the innovative, cutting-edge practice that I wanted to hear about. And so far, although its only the early planning stages, it has been. Even spending a couple of hours chatting with the organisers has been great, They are so inspiring. I come away from it enthused and motivated.  Its like a spark has caught.

I’m really excited about nieedcamp.  Even though I sort of gatecrashed my way in their first meeting (well I was brought by a friend) and I only knew one of them before hand they have made me feel really welcome and have let me help out.  I think I might be the youngest person in the group and I’m certainly the only person in my keystage (Foundation) involved in the organising bit of things but I don’t feel like a complete newbie.  Maybe its because we are doing so much so fast.  Maybe its just because they’re happy to have any volunteers.  All I know is that for the next two months the thing I’m probably going to be most excited about is @niedcamp.  I’m feel really privileged to be able to be involved in something I believe in so much and happy to help out in anyway I can.


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